Image of Dot Plaza 'Industria' Mini Album Tape

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Dot Plaza 'Industria' Mini Album Tape


Boxed, stamped and hand numbered edition of just 20 worldwide on green transparent cassette with download. Dot Plaza is the recording project of Santa Barbara multi instrumentalist Erich Tomkinson. If you follow the label you’ll quickly realise after pressing play that he might be the most Super Fan sounding thing ever. We’d best describe him as Bubble gum psych-pop but that only tells half the story. Erich’s songs are like the early morning sunshine your blinds can’t keep out. A suburban California post teen daydream. Think Doo Wop through a 2017 filter. Recorded in a tiny guest house stacked wall to wall with vintage keyboards and synths it's a record that refreshingly lets keys rule over guitars. If Apples in Stereo, ELO, Shins and 70s Beach Boys records fill your heart with joy then this 9 track mini album is a must for you.