Image of 'Sunset Desert' Compilation & Enamel Badge

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'Sunset Desert' Compilation & Enamel Badge


Enamel badge edition of 50 worldwide complete with 19 track download compilation. The collectors among you will of noticed that catalogue number SUPFAN015 was never released. It had been kept open for a record which sadly never materialised so we decided it was about time we plug that gap. This unique release highlights the best of our past year while also introducing you to some amazing jams we’ve discovered on our travels. It comes in the form of a stunning enamel pin badge accompanied by 19 songs across an hour with tracks from new friends The Dolce Vita, Boy Azooga, Ciggie Witch, Merk, Holiday Ghosts and Beachtape and also recent Super Fan hits from Space Mountain, Dot Plaza, Goddam Nobody and many more. Priced cheaper than a (London) pint and with lower postage than usual this one will make an ace intro to the label or a neat gift to a friend. Basically it’s a truck load of strong music complete with a very cool accompanying artefact. Pledge your allegiance to Super Fan, wear the badge!