Image of The Madcaps 'Hot Sauce' Limited Cassette

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The Madcaps 'Hot Sauce' Limited Cassette

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Cassette edition of just 40 exclusively released with Super Fan in the UK only. Hot Sauce is the second album from Rennes based garage rock n' roll band The Madcaps. Over the last 2 years they released an album and toured Europe playing more than 70 shows to ecstatic audiences. It was on stage that they polished the 12 songs that make up their new album ‘Hot Sauce’ before going to record at Kerwax, a studio set in an old girls boarding school deep in western Britanny. There they committed the songs to tape to get the warmth, grain and roundness that old compressors, tube amps and ribbon microphones bring. With this second record, the band refined their sound, pianos, horns, organs and mellotrons all appear taking you by surprise, giving substance and building momentum. Hot Sauce is a harmonious collage where one wanders between genre and atmosphere. Kinksesque ballads, sharp rhythm & blues, savage garage and pop melodies all collide. The album was recorded live and perfectly encapsulates their live performances, precise, elegant and wild.