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Cape Weather Limited Cassette EP

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Tangerine cassette. Cape Weather is a collaboration between old friends Natalie Smith and Eric Jackowitz which grew organically after the two joked they should start a band “just for fun” This led to Natalie sending Eric songs and he’d in return send back grooves. This EP brings together of all of the singles released over the past year plus a bonus track titled Telephono which was premiered by NPR. The limited Tangerine cassette includes full download. If you love the sun bleached melodies of Best Coast and Tennis or the yearning of Mazzy Star we are sure you will play this one till the tape wears out. LA based Cape Weather effortlessly tick every box of our Technicolor criteria. Just push play on opening track ‘Never Say’ and you’ll know exactly what we mean. There’s echoes of 60s girl group vocals, calypso drum machines, garage grit to the guitar, whirring organs, basically all of the ingredients you’d expect from a release on the label.